About Us



With EJ McManus at the helm, TRiMANAGEMENT brings to every project a breadth of applicable experience ranging from management of human capital to control of financial capital and strategic planning. Large Fortune 500 companies and money managers alike have and do rely on EJ and TRiMANAGEMENT for their project and data management needs, allowing him to hone a versatile skill set that transcends traditional project development and management.

Using a strong strategic perspective allows EJ to operate within the confines of any project to achieve the greatest value and results for the overarching company mission. As with all worthy endeavors, there are often challenges in project management that can lead a lesser manager into unknown territory with unknown outcomes. However, EJ is very experienced with navigating project hurdles of all kinds and does not shy away from hard timelines, budgetary restrictions, or lack of resources; if there is a way to achieve the desired outcome, EJ will identify, implement, and revise it until fruition.

As a Management Consultant  
As a consultant EJ is versed in timeline and budget restrictions; and goals, and works to advance every project effectively and efficiently with absolute mindfulness of budgetary concerns. Many of the projects TRiMANAGEMENT leads and participates in are created around highly-sensitive information and for that reason each project is treated confidentially and with the maximum discretion and care.  

As an Executive Leader
As a successful C.E.O. EJ has fine-tuned his strategic management style and is well-seasoned at generating significant bottom-line results by reducing costs, improving operations, and maintaining valuable personnel.  

With an eye on growth and making the most of every resource, EJ is able to connect with various company divisions and departments to assess weak-points as well as strengths, and implement structural changes that successfully advance the capability and output of the company as a whole.  

Whether your company’s needs include financial and accounting controls, business forecasting, or strategic development, TRiMANAGEMENT can handle your project with ease.